Driving directions to CMMBC, 2390 Horse Hollow Rd., Jonesville, VA 

 From I-75:

Exit at Corbin, KY turing onto US 25E; continue through the Cumberland Gap Tunnel, entering TN (46 miles).  Upon exiting the Cumberland Gap Tunnel, immediately exit to the right onto US 58E to enter VA.  In 29 miles, turn right onto Flannery Bridge Road (Also sign for Lee County Airport).  After being on Flannery Bridge Road for a few miles, the road makes an S-turn at historical marker for Thompson Settlement Church; rather than following Flannery Bridge Road through the S-turn, turn off of Flannery Bridge Road onto Hurricane Road, toward the left and past Thompson Settlement Church.  Turn right onto Narrow Way Road.  In 2 miles, turn left onto Lower Wallens Creek Road.  In 0.6 miles, turn left onto Horse Hollow Road.  The camp is on the left.   (Note:  If the turn onto Thomson  Settlement Road is missed, Flannery Bridge Road will cross Lower Wallens Creek Rd. in a few miles.)

From I-81 to Jonesville Hwy 58:

Merge onto Highway 11 W/US-11W S/TN-1 via EXIT 74B toward Kingsport (8 miles). Turn right onto Bloomingdale Rd/TN-2372 (7 miles). Turn right onto Wadlow Gap Rd/TN-93 and cross into Virginia (5 miles). Turn right onto US Highway 23 N/US-23 N/US-58 W/US-421 N (18 miles). At stop light turn left onto Wilderness Rd/US-58 W/US-421 N. Continue ~20 miles and take left turn at light in Jonesville to remain on US-58. Follow directions below “From Jonesville Hwy 58.”

From Jonesville Hwy 58:

Turn onto Curt Russell Road (by Marathon gas station-Subway at the west end of Jonesville).  In 1 mile turn left onto Hurricane Bridge Road (CMMBC sign here).  Hurricane Bridge Road crosses the Powell River; at stop sign, turn left onto Hurricane Road (CMMBC sign here).  Note:  Some internet map searches and GPS programs list Hurricane Road as Tip Top Rd.  Turn right onto Horse Hollow Road, which is the first road going right.  (CMMBC sign here).  The camp is on the right.