Covenant Mountain Mission Bible Camp (CMMBC) has been offering free and low cost camps to the young people of southwestern Virginia and the surrounding areas since 1951. Our mission is to worship God and enjoy Christian fellowship and discipleship in the midst of His beautiful creation; and to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to youth, adults and families through the camp’s outreach and community involvement.

We offer 1 week of Pathfinders, a day camp for grades K-5 and 3 weeks of overnight camps: Trailblazers Camp (grades 4-6), Junior Camp (grades 6-8) and Senior Camp (grades 9-12).  We have also added a week of Community Soccer Camps (grades K-12).

 Mission Teams and local volunteers provide most of the workers and funding for our summer camps and any improvements to the camp’s facilities.  You can learn more about us at our website. 


 CMMBC seeks to hire individuals who sincerely follow Christ and desire to share their Christian walk with campers. We look for individuals who will work hard to contribute positively to CMMBC’s Christian community. Even during time off, we expect our staff to be Christ-like role models. Working for a summer will not be easy, but spending a summer at camp and allowing God to use you can be a time of spiritual growth and personal development. We aren’t expecting perfection, but we are looking for staff members who desire to grow and will be full of humility, grace, patience, and love. If this sounds like something you’d like to experience, we invite you to continue this application process and look forward to considering how you might fit into our summer staff. 

We are looking to hire two counselors (at least 1 year beyond high school graduation) for June and July. We may also hire qualified individuals as junior counselors (high school graduate) or junior staff (high school students). Qualified individuals must have:

  • a personal relationship with Jesus Christ 
  • a desire to serve others
  • flexibility in dealing with different situations and people of all ages
  • a willingness to be stretched
  • a willingness to live without the internet or a cell phone
  • the ability to lead others to follow the rules at camp
  • the courage to hold yourself and others accountable to honor God in all circumstances
  • the health and stamina to work outdoors during the summer

We may also hire a nurse, speaker or lead cook, as needed to support a week of camp. Qualified applicants will need the appropriate certification and/or experience. The camp nurse may be a LPN, RN or EMT.


Ultimately, being a summer camp staff member is about building personal relationships with others to share the love of Jesus. The primary duties of a summer camp staff member at CMMBC can vary significantly from day-to-day and role.

 Counselor, jr. counselor or jr. staff member: must be willing to cooperate as necessary to facilitate our camping program. Some of the duties include the willingness to:

  • help with camp readiness (i.e. plan/organize activities, ensure cabins and bathhouses are clean and stocked)
  • partner with mission team members to facilitate summer camp and work projects
  • greet campers and help with camper registration and getting them settled into their group or cabin
  • oversee campers’ daily activities (i.e. cleanup duties, Chapel services/daily devotions, crafts, games, offsite excursions, mealtimes, personal hygiene and canteen)
  • help maintain grounds and buildings
  • help with meal preparation, service, and cleanup 

Camp nurse is responsible for distribution of medication and handling first aid.

Lead cook is responsible for complying with food safety requirements, planning/preparing/serving meals, as well as supervising kitchen and dining hall cleanliness. 

Camp speaker is responsible for teaching morning and evening Chapel Services.


Here are the steps necessary to be considered for a staff position:

  • pray for God’s direction in this decision.
  • submit a completed paid staff application form to CMMBC.  (You can request an application to be mailed to you by calling Joe or Tammy at 276-346-1013). Hiring may begin upon interviewing the first qualified candidate.
  • fill in the top section of the personal reference forms and give one to your pastor or Christian leader and at least one other person that you list in the “References” section of your application. Please ask these adults to mail the completed form directly to camp. Your application will not be complete until we have all reference forms in hand. 
  • CMMBC will confirm your interest in a position at CMMBC within 1 week of receiving your completed application.