We appreciate your interest in hosting a week of Christian summer camp at Covenant Mountain Mission Bible Camp. Our summer camps operate by using mission teams and local volunteers to staff each week of camp.  We rely upon God to provide workers and funding to continue the ministry at CMMBC.  For the full Pamphlet with this information, click here.

             2018 Summer Camp Dates                       2019 Summer Camp Dates

          Soccer Camps (grades K-12)  -  June 11-15                            Soccer Camps (grades K-12)  -  June 10-14

          Pathfinders (grades K-5)  -  June 18-22                                  Pathfinders (grades K-5)  -  June 17-21

          Senior Camp (grades 9-12)  -  June 24-29                               Senior Camp (grades 9-12)  -  June 23-28 

          Junior Camp (grades 6-8)  -  July 8-13                                    Trailblazers (grades 4-6)  -  July 8-11

          CHIC @ UT (high school) - July 15-20                                      Junior Camp (grades 6-8)  -  July 21-26

          Trailblazers (grades 4-6)  -  July 23-26


Sponsoring Camp at CMMBC

Staffing needs The staffing needs vary slightly by the age group of the camp that is being sponsored. The following roles must be filled for each camp:

  • Nurse
  • Head cook
  • Camp director
  • Bible teacher/speaker
  • Music director
  • Games/activities director
  • Craft director
  • Counselors (must be at least 1 year post high school graduation)
  • Assistants (kitchen, games/activities/ crafts, music, and junior counselors) 

Some of the roles can be filled by local volunteers, so please communicate any expected gaps in staffing as soon as possible. Although several of the roles may be filled by one person, the roles of nurse, cook and counselor may not be combined with any other roles.

Please contact us for more detailed requirements and responsibilities for each role.

Developing Teamwork

Please take time to develop relationships among your team members prior to arriving at CMMBC. Identify directors and counselors as soon as possible. We encourage the formation of small groups for Bible study to facilitate the spiritual growth for your team prior to and during their mission trip.

The Cost of Hosting Camp

A church who sponsors a week of summer camp needs to consider the cost of supporting the mission trip. Sponsoring churches are responsible for: 

  • Their own transportation costs
  • Food costs for their own staff (approximately $10 per day per person)
  • Supplies for activities/crafts
  • Curriculum
  • Cost of t-shirts for staff
  • Cost of background checks
Other appreciated support may include:
  • Camper t-shirts
  • Transportation costs for day camps
  • Canteen or craft supplies
  • Camper scholarships
  • Supplies (trash bags, disposable plates, bowls and cups, paper towel, napkins, cleaning agents, etc.)



Each sponsoring church is responsible for assuring the safety of their teams. Please have medical information sheets, including allergies and insurance information, for each team member prior to your arrival. Individuals under age 18 must also have parental consent forms, and those over 18 must complete volunteer applications (including background check). Most churches have existing processes and forms in place, but do not hesitate to contact us if you need example forms.


Read more about our staff expectations and guidance for Christian camping in our staff handbook.  More detailed information about specific roles and responsibilities for members of Summer Camp Mission Teams is available in keynotes for counselors and support staff survival guide.