CMMBC desires to improve our facilities, while remaining debt-free. We will complete improvements as the Lord provides funds and volunteers.


Goals for 2017 


Improving the Chapel. The outside of the whole Chapel is painted, and the electrical and plumbing inspections for the bathroom addition are complete! We can proceed with the finish work.  See DRAWINGS and PICTURES for the addition.  Our future goals for the Chapel are:

  1. operational bathrooms for the start of camp in June 2017; done
  2. to finish the meeting space in the Chapel basement; in-progress
  3. to repair the steeple; and
  4. to begin construction of the handicap ramp for the Chapel. done

Improving the Dining Hall form and function. We have been working for several years to set the stage for upgrading the dining hall kitchen. In 2017 we are ready to:

  1. move the gas range and sink;  done
  2. finish the flooring replacement; done
  3. finish patching/painting the ceiling;
  4. improve storage options; done
  5. add a door to access the the washer and dryer from the dining hall; and
  6. install the already purchased commercial dishwasher.  done

Other Projects.

  1. to replace the shower in downstairs bathroom of the dining hall and/or develop plans for a handicap bathroom; and
  2. to complete the dirt work to improve rain water drainage at the dining hall so that we can replace the existing ramp to the dining hall with an ADA compliant one.