Summer Camp Resources

“Serve With Us”

As your team makes plans to partner with us for a week of camp, please use the following resources to guide you in this process. Below is a compilation of information, tips, and ideas to help you plan and serve alongside us, whether it is your first time or your tenth time, these resources will help your team succeed.

Please use the following staffing checklists as you recruit team members for your trip. This helps us as we blend your team with our local staff and volunteers.


Team building activities are especially important to prepare your team for working together this summer! Not only does it bring you together to learn each other’s strengths, but you can use these activities later with campers!

For team building activities and instructions, check out the link below.


Overnight camps have two chapel times during the day. One is in the morning, the second is in the afternoon or evening.


Overnight camps have a big camp game each day in addition to a recreation time. Plan at least 10 large group and team activities that can be enjoyed for 45 minute - 1 hour blocks.

Don’t forget to make a plan for rainy days too!

If your team needs ideas for camp games and activities, check out the link below.


Overnight camps have between 2 and 4 surprise hour activities in the evenings. These can be anything from Minute-to-Win-it games to Tye-Dying T-Shirts. Contact us if you have any questions!


Overnight camps have 3-5 craft times depending on the week. Craft times are 45 minute - 1 hour blocks, and can range from painting, making bracelets, to building bird houses. Crafts should be age appropriate for the week of camp.

Our day camp runs between 80 - 100 children, and craft times are split into three age groups.