CMMBC desires to improve our facilities, while remaining debt-free. We will complete improvements as the Lord provides funds and volunteers.

    Goals for 2019 

Improving the Chapel. The Chapel addition and handicap ramp are complete.
See a VIDEO of the 6 year progress.  Our future goals for the Chapel are:

  1. repair the steeple - $1750 estimate from local contractor

Improving the Dining Hall form and function. We have been working for several years to set the stage for upgrading the dining hall. In 2019 we are ready to:

  1. create guest service area to include mini-refrigerator and microwave

  2. create laundry room that is accessed from the dining hall ~ nearly complete

  3. create handicap accessible bathroom by remodeling existing space

Just Add Water at CMMBC. We are working to build a splash pad.

  1. complete rough dirt work, removing existing chain link fence and basketball court ~ completed

  2. connect staff house septic tank to Chapel drain field

  3. prepare for concrete pour

  4. purchase and install small building to house the pumps and possibly a canteen area

  5. install water features for the splash pad

  6. create area(s) for seating

Other Projects.

  1. complete the dirt work to improve rain water drainage at the dining hall so that we can build ADA compliant ramp to dining hall